Safety spectacles

Safety spectacles are intended to shield the wearer’s eyes from impact hazards such as flying fragments, objects, large chips, and particles. Workers are required to use eye safety spectacles with side shields when there is a hazard from flying objects.

Non-side shield spectacles are not acceptable eye protection for impact hazards.

The frames of safety spectacles are constructed of metal and/or plastic and can be fitted with either corrective (Rx) or plano impact-resistant lenses.

Of all staff members identified to wear safety specs, only those needing prescription spectacles for distance or near vision need Prescription Safety Spectacles.

What is so safe about safety spectacles?

Conventional spectacle lens materials, suitable for everyday wear, distort and suffer damage in industrial situations, eg. warpage (and subsequent optical distortion) through constant heat exposure, chipping, scratching, embedding of hot particles in lens surface, etc. They are also unsafe against impact.

The safety lens material of choice is Trivex, an advanced, next-generation polycarbonate derivative – watch the videos.

Why prescription safety spectacles?

  • Conventional spectacle frames do not provide adequate side protection against flying debris.
  • Goggles / safety frames cannot be worn comfortably over conventional specs, due to poor fit or lens fogging.
  • Safety spectacles with prescription clip-in inserts are not suitable for existing multifocal spectacle lens wearers.

We suggest, since Personal Protective Equipment is still company property, a company-funded replacement cycle of 2 years. In case of work-related accident damaging safety spectacles, normal PPE re-issue procedures apply, but cost of replacement through negligent care of safety spectacles is to be borne by staff member.

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